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Welcome to Three Leaf Farm

Our little urban farm is nestled against Coal Creek in Lafayette Colorado. We grow a wide variety of organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers to use in our seven local restaurants: The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant, Aji Latin American Restaurant, The Naropa Cafe, The Huckleberry, Zucca, and most recently, The Chautauqua Dining Hall.

Our commitment to fresh, locally produced and organic ingredients led us to create Three Leaf Farm in 2010.  Tucked along the banks of the Coal Creek with majestic views of the Continental Divide, 100% of our harvest goes directly to our restaurants and our extensive catering services.

Our chefs work directly with our  farmer to plan the wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs we grow and use in our creative seasonal menus.

Embracing the cycle of cuisine from seed to plate strengthens out commitment to cultivating a more sustainable and community focused company.

Farm Blog

Three of my Favorite Healing Wild Flowers

This is an article that was published in the Wellness Times, June 2012.     Sweet Violets – Viola odorada Little sweet violets are the perfect harbinger of spring, with their quiet, humble purple faces cheerfully appearing amidst their heart shaped leaves.   Native to Europe, violets are now found throughout the world and are known […]

Fresh Ginger Honey Syrup

I recently saw a recipe for a ginger syrup, and thought I’d give it a go.  Like always, I had to change things up a bit to suit my own tastes  and purposes, so this is my recipe for Ginger Syrup.  This syrup is great for mixing with soda water, starting a sauce, or putting […]

Natural Herbal Carpet Powder

Do you have dogs?  Do you have carpets? Well, if you do, and your like me, your carpets smell like dogs. . .  (I noticed this morning when I was laying on the carpet, pretending to do yoga, but really just laying there. . . .) So, I made this easy carpet deodorizing powder : […]