Need Barn Cats? Now taking reservations for a spring transfer!

Three Leaf Farm is teaming up with Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats to bring you barn cats in this lifesaving mission.

Most of you know of the benefits of having barn cats to keep the rodent population in check, and you have probably seen the special relationships cats have with horses. However,  in Colorado access to barn cats from our local shelters is rather difficult due to the seasonal breeding of the stray cats in our climate.

Meanwhile, in places like California, there’s an abundance of stray cats with a kitten season that lasts year round.   In Los Angeles the problem of feral cats is even more dire – any feral cat that ends up in a L.A. city shelter is marked for death within days.

Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, is a Los Angeles based feral cat rescue with California’s only 100% feral cat socialization facility and programs.  This year they launched their  “Working Cat” program that provides the only way out for the feral cats caught up in the city shelter system.

When Kitty Bungalow Founder and Headmistress was out in Boulder on a visit, the conversation turned to barn cats.  Upon discovering a need for more barn cats in Colorado, speaking with our local shelters, and knowing the  need for more homes for the death row cats of LA, the idea of the BCHA and Kitty Bungalow Working Cat program was born.

Imagine the delight of these street born city cats who thought their fates were sealed in a cold steel cage of a shelter when they find themselves breathing the fresh, pure Colorado air.


  •  Cats are fixed, vaccinated and flea treated.
  • Working cats are employed in a minimum team of three.
  • Cats remain in an enclosure for approximately 3 weeks while acclimating to their new environment.
  • Our transfer team will help you through transition period to allow for the most successful outcome.
  • Cats need to continue to be fed, provided fresh water and shelter.  A happy worker is an enthusiastic worker.
  • Just the pheromones of your working cats will have rodents on the run.

This natural, age-old holistic approach to nuisance abatement will not only provide great pest control, the program provides you karma points as your new hire will be saving a life!