This fall has been a bit challenging for the Equines at Three Leaf Farm.  Everyone’s favorite character, Tip, our young Arabian gelding, was diagnosed with juvenile osteo-arthritis and had to have two hocks fused surgically.   And Cricket, one of our famous minis, had to have an eye removed after months of unsuccessfully trying to heal his injured iris.  Both horses went up to CSU Equine Veterinary Teaching Hospital for their procedures, and both are doing great!  Tip is expected to make a full recovery and be back to his competition form by the end of the year!  And little Cricket is adjusting easily to the loss of the eye; we’ve been assured by the doctors up at CSU, and by many equestrian friends who’ve experience similar issues, that horses are perfectly happy with a single eye and they can go on to live a normal, healthy and happy life.  Cricket is expected to be up to his antics with his partner, Merlin, within the next week or so.

We are so grateful to the doctors and technicians at CSU who took such good care of our horses (and us!) through this process.  We’re so fortunate to have a top-notch, cutting-edge university equine hospital so nearby.

Tip After Surgery