2018 Homesteading Camps

Our Homesteading Camp offers unique programming that emphasizes self reliance and gives kids an opportunity to get back to basics and learn some simple life skills.  Kids will get active instruction about a wide range of topics and will have the opportunity to apply those skills in practical methods.  Topics covered include organic farming and food preservation, basic nutrition and cooking skills, outdoor survival skills, an introduction to herbal medicine, and general animal husbandry.

Our camp focuses on environmental conservation, sustainable, healthy living choices, and supporting the local community. It teaches the importance of hard work and personal grit, and deepens the appreciation for farming and self-sufficiency. Homestead Camp will build campers’ confidence, character, and self-esteem, while encouraging them to have a strong work ethic, learn new skills and foster a healthy lifestyle. All this while making new friends and having a lot of fun!

This year we are offering two different age ranges for our camps.
Youth Homesteading Camp is ages 7 – 12
Teen Homesteading Camp is ages 12 – 17


Youth Homesteading Camp – Ages 7 -12

Our traditional youth camp balances the learning of new skills with being active and enjoying the outdoors.  Each day is organized to offer a range of activities designed to keep the kids interested, while expanding their knowledge about the environment and self-sufficiency.


Ages: 7-12 Each session has a maximum of 16 kids.
Time: 9am to 3pm
Days: 4 days per week: Monday through Thursday
Cost: $375 per week – price includes all supplies for crafts and lessons.


Session 1 – June 11 – 14 – SOLD OUT
Session 2 – June 18 – 21 – SOLD OUT
Session 3 – June 25 – 28 – SOLD OUT
Session 4 – July 9 – 12


New This Year
Teen Nature Camp – ages 12 – 17 

Our new young adult nature experience offers a week of action-packed interactive, fun, and empowering experiences for teens who want to learn about herbal medicine, healthy living, self-sufficiency and sustainable living. During the week we will go into depth about growing and storing food, animal husbandry, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, survival skills, our local ecology, and more.


  • Herbal Medicine: identifying medicinal plants, sustainable harvesting, and making medicines
  • Growing Food and Basic Farming: gardening and farming skills
  • Cooking and Preserving Food:  canning, pickling, basic cooking
  • Animal Husbandry: caring for chickens, goats, and horses. (please note: there is NO horseback riding offered in this experience)
  • Textiles and Fabrics: traditional dyeing and basic sewing
  • Survival Skills:  making fire, building shelter, navigating, and basic first aid
  • Health and Nutrition: exploring basic concepts of healthy living, nutrition, and yoga.

A typical day includes making morning herbal teas, practicing yoga, tending to the animals, and walking the trails every day.  With an emphasis on hands-on activities, we promote creativity, problem solving, and self-sufficiency while building a strong relationship with the land and lasting friendship with fellow participants.
Due to the wide variety of topics covered, teens will be able to choose what topics they would like to explore more in-depth together.

Ages: 12 and up.   Each session has a maximum of 12 people.
Time: 9am to 3pm
Days: 5 days per week: Monday through Friday

Cost: $395.00 per week – price includes all supplies for crafts and lessons.

Session 1 – July 16 – 20


A General Outline of our Activities

Gardening and Farming – Campers will learn the basics about planting, tending, watering, harvesting and storing foods.
We emphasize natural farming methods and will include discussion about maximizing the nutrient density of foods as well as promoting the health of local ecosystems.

Botany and Plant Medicine – Discussions will include basic plant anatomy and identifying useful plants for food and medicine.  Campers will learn about collecting, harvesting, and making plant medicine from both wild and cultivated plants.

Connecting with Nature – Campers will explore the natural environment, learn about how to incorporate an appreciation of the seasonal shifts and develop awareness about the cycles of the year. Through daily activities, campers will deepen their relationship to nature by journaling, using their senses, and taking time to find a personal sit spot for short periods of self-reflection.

Basic Nutrition and Easy Cooking – Campers will be introduced to basic nutrition and will learn how to prepare healthy meals. We will practice cooking together using traditional methods with fresh produce from the farm, such as pastured eggs and honey.

Easy Sewing & Homesteading Skills – Campers will learn some basic sewing techniques and natural dyeing methods. We’ll also learn how to make items such as non-toxic soap, body scrubs, and house cleaners.

Outdoor Survival Skills – Campers will learn about basic first aid, being safe outdoors, building fire and shelter, drinking water safety, and cooking on a campfire. We’lll also try our hand at navigating using a compass, wildlife tracking, and signaling for help.

Animal Care and Local Biodiversity – Discussion will include care and maintenance of our farm animals, including horses, goats, chickens, and ducks.  There will be discussion and observation of the honeybee hives as well as other local pollinators. We’ll also be learning about the importance of our local ecosystems and the wildlife they inhabit.  Please note: there is NO horseback riding offered during this camp.

What kind of kids/ teens are good candidates for the Three Leaf Farm Homesteading Camp?

Active, healthy kids who want to learn new skills.
Kids who like animals and enjoy being outside in nature.
Kids who are willing to work hard and get dirty.
Kids who want to participate in their families and in the larger community.
Kids who are brave, inquisitive, and motivated to learn new things.

Cancellation Policy – In the event that you need to cancel, we will refund your money if we are able to fill your child’s spot.  Cancellation made within two weeks of the session are non-refundable.

We have sent our 10 year old son to various summer camps over the years.  He has attended sports camps, language camps, arts/craft camps, etc.  Our son has many interests and likes to try new things.  Hands down, the Homesteading Camp is his favorite!  He came home excited to tell us about his day and slept pretty soundly each night.  He made a new best friend at camp – a chicken – who was all too willing to be carried around and fawned over.  Our son had the opportunity to feed goats, learn to erect a simple shelter, and make butter and cream cheese!  In all, this was a terrific experience.  We signed up for one week of camp and wish we could have added a second week.