After lots and lots of contemplation, we’ve decided to breed our beautiful Paint mare, Blue.  This blog will chronicle the journey.

The decision to breed did not come easy.  Ask any one what they think, and you’ll get a different opinion every time, often with a great deal of passionate conviction.  People have strong thoughts about breeding, so, in the end, we made the choice based on our own values and thoughts.

Breeding a new horse isn’t like choosing to have puppies or kittens.  There’s a lot to consider: Are the dam and sire worthy of breeding? What will you do with the foal? Can you afford another horse? What if something goes wrong?

In the end, the choice was made because we wanted to experience the miracle of a new foal.  We have our own small barn and the necessary facilities.  We found a beautiful, majestic stallion and the mix of the two horses will give us exactly the breed that we’re looking for. We have a fantastic support system in place to help us and hold our hands during this new and exciting adventure.

The first step, after making the choice, was to sign a breeding contract.   The stallion we chose is owned by a friend, Dean.   His stallion, Bit of Connection, is a gorgeous, majestic Arabian.  Hopefully Blue will find him equally appealing!

Arabian Horse

The Stallion – Bit of Connection