Well, its a done deal!  Blue and her chosen stallion, Bit, have successfully completed the act (with a little help) and now we are in the waiting stage to see if it all worked as planned. The entire experience was not nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be, and the part that made it easier is that it was obvious that Blue was receptive.

Bit, of course, performed his duties with equine grace and virility, and the whole process seemed pretty natural.

The general plan is to take the mare to the stallion every other day while she is in heat.  This gives more opportunity for the mare to have viable sperm in her reproductive tract at the time that she ovulates.  As soon as she ovulates, she will go out of heat.

Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately), we were only able to get one successful breeding in this cycle.  Due to a long horse show, and the week-long rains, we might have missed the beginning of Blue’s heat cycle since we were unable to see her behavior in the normal herd (she was kept in her stall). The second time we brought Blue to visit Bit, she wanted nothing to do with him.  She had clearly completed her heat cycle, meaning that she had ovulated.  Timing wise, we can be almost certain that she did, then, have viable sperm in her when she ovulated. Now we wait to see if she goes into heat again.  If she does, then that means that she is not pregnant.  If we don’t see any signs of another heat cycle within 21 – 28 days, we’ll get an ultrasound for her and then we will know!

We’ve decided that Blue’s experience was kind of personal, and in order to show her respect, we aren’t going to post any pics of it.  But here’s a great photo of Blue learning to play polo with Finn!

Blue Polo