Our Medicine Trail showed vast improvement and recovery this summer from the damage of the floods in 2013.  Three years have passed, and we are just now being able to see this kind of recovery, but it has been fascinating to see the way Mother Nature heals.

Many of the seeds we planted with the help of our generous grant from The United Plant Savers grew into healthy, viable specimens.  The yarrow seems to have repopulated the area, and we were able to harvest a good amount of St. John’s Wort and Valerian.   Our Echinacea and calendula finally took hold, and we got good size areas of healthy growth. Our comfrey is now established, as are our reseeding areas of California poppy and

But even more interesting than the areas that we consciously reseeded are the plants that mother nature gifted to us.  New stands of goldenrod finally rebounded after being so damaged by the flood.  Pockets of Vervain can be found all along the medicine trail, as well as burdock, Wild licorice, Soapwort and Catnip.  A newly discovered wild Hops vine grows abundantly, and we have found as well three healthy Hawthorn trees/shrubs.

We welcome visitors to the Medicine Trail!  Just give us a shout if you’d like to schedule a private Medicine Herb Walk.