We welcome volunteers on the farm and are grateful for any help we can get with the endless chores on the property.  If you’d like to volunteer, please email us to begin a dialog about available times.


Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.  Children may be allowed when accompanied by a working adult, but we are sorry to say that we are not equipped to have kids volunteer without their parents.   (we are working toward some youth programming for next year – stay posted!)

We have recently had a lot of interest in our animals, and it’s important to note that most first time volunteers will not be permitted to handle or work with our animals.  Volunteers can expect that they might be tasked with the following jobs:

Farm construction
Working on trails
Flood Debris Cleanup

Equine Volunteers: Equine volunteers are welcome but must be pre -approved.  If you are interested in being an equine volunteer, please email farm@threeleafconcepts.com

Equine volunteers can expect the following tasks:

Mucking/cleaning stalls
Cleaning pasture
Cleaning waterers

Volunteers who have demonstrated some equine skill may be tasked with:

Grooming Horses
Handgrazing Horses
Helping with turnout
Helping with feeding