Spirit Doll Workshop

January 22 - January 23 - 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

What is a Spirit Doll? A Spirit Doll is a creative, handmade doll that embodies your hopes, dreams, and prayers.   She can be a messenger of your own inner voice, allowing you to communicate with the parts of yourself that are often hidden, or deeply protected.

The process of doll making has been used for centuries  to touch the soul.  It allows us to form a deep connection to our spirit, awakening the truth and allowing personal transformation.  The doll will become a vessel for your own personal essence, and will be constant reminder and source of strength to reach for your goals.

There will be a brief discussion about Spirit Dolls and how to use color and symbol to strengthen meaning.  We will discuss a number of magical herbs and their energetic uses as stuffing for the doll.
Each participant will have the opportunity to craft a personal spirit doll from a wide array of supplies.

This fun, creative workshop lasts for two nights (6 – 9 pm) and is perfect for anyone who would like to bring deeper spiritual meaning to their life, or anyone who is grappling with personal struggle.  Making these dolls will help you reach your inner truth and strengthen the deep core of your personal essence.

Class is Limited to 8 people to ensure an intimate, hands- on approach.

$75 per person, includes all supplies.  Participants are encouraged to bring additional meaningful decorations or supplies but it’s not necessary.


Instructor: Sara Stewart Martinelli – Sara is the owner of Three Leaf Farm and a Medical Herbalist.  To learn more about Sara, visit HERE.