Herbs for Animals

February 26 - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Using herbs to increase health and vitality for our animal friends can be both a fulfilling and bonding experience. Nature has provided us with countless botanical allies that we can incorporate into the daily health regimen of the pets that we love, cherish, and nurture.

This workshop will explore a number of easy to grow, common plants that can be safely used to address a number of minor health issues with our pets. We’ll explore how these plants can be used to strengthen the systems of the body, provide support for common ailments like
* Anxiety
* Digestive Issues
* Aging
* Joint Health
* Skin and Coat

We’ll focus on dogs, horses, cats and goats, and explore the different delivery methods for using herbs, from treats to teas.
Additionally, we will touch on creating an Herbal Veterinary First Aid Kit to keep either at home or in the barn.

This class is limited to 8 people to ensure hands-on interaction and attention. Our classes are held in the upstairs of the barn. Our dogs and cats will be in attendance, and horses live downstairs, so just a heads up for people with allergies. Please leave your own pet friends at home.
We will have tea and minor snacks available during the workshop. Feel free to bring your own food and drink.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made within two weeks of the workshop are Non-Refundable.

Cost: $50 per person.