The Barnyard

Our barnyard is home to horses, goats, and chickens.  All the animals in our care enjoy a rich life full of activity, healthy food, and space to move around freely.  None of our animals are ever used for meat, although they do graciously provide us with products that we can use both on the farm and in the restaurants.  The horses donate their nutrient rich manure, which is ultimately tilled back into the soil in which we grow the crops for our menus.   Our goats give us rich, creamy milk that we use to make both gourmet cheeses and custom soaps.   And our chickens graciously gift us daily with fresh, free range eggs.

Chibe with Painting
Queen of the Goat Herd – Chibe the Pygmy Goat

Our Goats

The goats are fortunate to live in our converted Goat Cottage.  This building was originally a root cellar, we think, as it’s set about four feet into the ground. This make a great goat house, for it’s warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.   Their cottage is decorated with lovely still-life paintings offloral arrangements.

Current plans for the goats include creating a special pasture area where they can graze freely on the wild currents and other plants in the river areas of the farm.

Our Chickens

Over 50 Rhode Island Reds call Three Leaf Farm their home, as well as a smaller number of Leghorns, Buff Orpingtons, Silver Lace Wyandottes, and Black Australorps.  Being a chicken on our farm is a pretty peaceful life.  At one point, our property was a much bigger chicken farm, and housed thousands of birds.  Today, we’ve taken only about a third of the original coop and converted it into the Chicken Palace – there’s some lovely nesting boxes offering safe, secure places for the ladies to lay their eggs, and a large, enclosed yard that offers lots of room to run around but the security from the wild hawks and coyotes that frequent the farm.   Almost daily, the chickens are given fruit and veggie scraps from the restaurants upon which to dine.